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Here you will find job openings about complex systems. Scientific actors are welcomed to diffuse all job openings related to complex Systems.

Those jobs are broadcasted to many websites hosted by the Complex Systems Society Registry list of hosted websites, and are also available for consultation via a RSS feed. Moreover , they are used to highlight areas with employment opportunities in the complex systems community explorer.



TitlePositionCountryDeadlineInstitution & DptCreatedatts
POSTDOCTORAL POSITION IN COMPLEX SYSTEMS/EPIDEMIC SPREADING PostdocItaly Italy2013-09-012012-09-10 18:33 GMTList Attachments1
Social Networks PostdocFrance France2013-09-152013-04-16 12:41 GMTList Attachments0
PhD position in maths applied to immunology PhDIreland Ireland2013-10-302013-10-03 13:20 GMTList Attachments1
Applied Mathematics/Complex Systems Faculty Position Tenure-trackUnited States United States2013-11-152013-10-10 21:03 GMTList Attachments1
Post-doctoral fellowship in network modelling and optimization of infectious disease PostdocAustralia Australia2013-12-092013-12-09 06:34 GMTList Attachments0

Post-doc position at ENS de Lyon, Laboratoire de Physique, équipe Sisyphe "Signaux, Systèmes et Physique"
Subject: Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Bicycle Sharing Systems (BSS)

PostdocFrance France2013-12-302013-09-20 12:18 GMTList Attachments0
Post Doctoral fellowship @ naXys PostdocBelgium Belgium2013-12-302013-11-13 22:34 GMTList Attachments0
Full time professor in complex systems ProfessorBelgium Belgium2014-01-122013-12-03 10:32 GMTList Attachments0
lectureship/research position in Urban Systems Teaching/Research AssistantBrazil Brazil2014-01-292013-12-30 14:14 GMTList Attachments0
PROFESSOR/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR IN COMPLEX CIVIL SYSTEMS ProfessorAustralia Australia2014-01-302013-11-05 08:24 GMTList Attachments0
urban modelling EngineerFrance France2014-03-012014-02-03 20:01 GMTList Attachments1
Mobile developer EngineerFrance France2014-03-052014-02-21 06:37 GMTList Attachments0
Dynamic of Complex Systems Associate professorFrance France2014-04-012014-02-18 13:16 GMTList Attachments1
Modelling of forest plant metapopulation dynamics PhDFrance France2014-05-162014-03-18 14:03 GMTList Attachments0
Convective instabilities in porous media and sea ice PostdocBelgium Belgium2014-05-302014-04-21 15:51 GMTList Attachments0
Postdoc: Measures and algorithms for dynamic graphs PostdocFrance France2014-07-212014-06-22 19:01 GMTList Attachments1
PhD Position in "Complex Networks and Renewable Energies" at Frankfurt University PhDGermany Germany2014-08-142014-07-16 14:05 GMTList Attachments0

3-year PhD grant / European Research Council / ERC Starting Grant project "World Seastems"
PhD topic: "Maritime networks as witnesses and vectors of contemporary economic and territorial changes"

PhDFrance France2014-09-102014-07-28 22:34 GMTList Attachments1
Research professor in Big Data Tenure-trackMexico Mexico2014-10-072014-08-13 23:55 GMTList Attachments0
Post-doctoral position on mobile data mining PostdocFrance France2014-10-292014-10-13 12:58 GMTList Attachments1
Postodoctoral Position in Theoretical Neuroscience: Indianapolis, USA – Paris, France PostdocUnited States United States2014-11-042014-09-05 09:57 GMTList Attachments0

Getting a grip on the complexity of food mterials and their enjoyment using
physics and mathematics

PhDNetherlands Netherlands2014-11-302014-10-30 20:07 GMTList Attachments1
Postdoc in Human connectomics PostdocFrance France2014-12-012014-12-02 19:55 GMTList Attachments0
Center of Study of the Transformations of Physical Activities and Sports(CETAPS) is looking for an engineer exhibiting the following skills : data mining, unsupervised machine learning in order to analyse big data time-series. EngineerFrance France2014-12-192014-05-16 10:21 GMTList Attachments1
Postdoc position: Modeling the protein metabolism in the body and application in nutrition and health - Paris, France PostdocFrance France2014-12-312014-04-30 15:17 GMTList Attachments0
Tier I CANADA RESEARCH CHAIR in Complex Systems Modeling and Analysis Canada Canada2014-12-312014-10-01 13:23 GMTList Attachments1
Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Social Science (two posts) PostdocUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2015-01-192014-12-19 13:55 GMTList Attachments0
Two Postdoctoral Positions in Urban Computing and Human Mobility PostdocUnited States United States2015-02-162015-02-17 04:16 GMTList Attachments0
A computing integrative approach to face the complex sustainability challenge of agri-food chains. PostdocFrance France2015-04-012015-02-10 21:34 GMTList Attachments0
Post-doc fellowship in network modelling and optimization methods for contagion problems PostdocAustralia Australia2015-05-012015-02-13 07:14 GMTList Attachments0
PhD proposal at Cergy-Pontoise University: Subject:" Statistical and dynamical properties of mutualistic interactions, in natural and social systems." PhDFrance France2015-05-182015-04-30 09:19 GMTList Attachments1
2015/16 PhD program in Computer Science and Systems Engineering (CSSE) at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca PhDItaly Italy2015-06-292015-03-20 14:26 GMTList Attachments1
2015/16 PhD program in Computer Science and Systems Engineering (CSSE) at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca PhDItaly Italy2015-06-292015-04-15 11:42 GMTList Attachments1

Sujet de thèse MoDyST :
«Modélisation de la dynamique spatio-temporelle du réseau de contrôle du répresseur traductionnel 4E-BP»

PhDFrance France2015-06-292015-03-25 10:45 GMTList Attachments1

Postdoctoral Fellowship in
Artificial Chemistries/Artificial Life/Complex Adaptive Systems

PostdocCanada Canada2015-07-152015-06-27 21:17 GMTList Attachments0
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Applied Mathematics at the Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School PostdocChina China2015-07-172015-03-17 06:06 GMTList Attachments0
Assistant Professor in Quantitative Analysis and Modelling of Complex Economical and Financial Systems Assistant ProfessorItaly Italy2015-09-012015-08-06 10:28 GMTList Attachments0
Financial System Dynamics and Regulation Postdoc, Doctoral, VisitingFrance France2015-09-302015-07-07 09:00 GMTList Attachments0
Assistant Professor in Quantitative Analysis of the World Trade Web Assistant ProfessorItaly Italy2015-10-122015-09-14 12:35 GMTList Attachments0
Funded Ph.D. Positions in Complex Systems and Smart Grid PhDUnited States United States2018-12-312014-08-07 15:32 GMTList Attachments1


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